Step-Wells of India

A collection of Stepwells of India.

 1 Aerial photograph of Sun Temple, Modhera(Gujarat) Patron: King Bhimadeva Simply stunning geometrical precision! No wonder, Al-Beruni said, "Our people when they see them, wonder at them and are unable to describe them, much less to construct anything like them.”



 2 Amazing Kalyani (Temple tank) at Hulikere near Halebidu(Karnataka) Dated: ~12th century CE Note the details of aedicula. Fractal pattern is obvious. 


 3 Chand Baori stepwell, Abhaneri, Rajasthan Dated: ~9th Century CE The four sided 13 storied stepwell is over 100feet deep and lined with over 3500steps with an amazing geometrical precision. This stepwell is one of the largest stepwells, a magnificent device to store water.



 4 A large stepwell and temples, Bundi (Rajasthan) Anda (dome) surmounted by Kalasha forms the Shikhara of temple. It is known as Dabhai Kund. Currently filled with dogshit and garbage. It is maintained by ASI.



 5 Towards the western end there is a rudra kupa in which water from the river Saraswati was collected and then allowed to pass into the inlet channel of the Sahastralinga Tank. This cistern is about forty meters in diameter.



 6 Aqueducts of Sahasra Linga Talao, Gujrat Dated: ~11th century CE It was functional till some point in 17th century CE. Mesmerizing combination of art and hydrolic engineering!



 7 Remains of pavilion and aqueducts, Sahasra Linga Talao Near the middle of the eastern embankment are the remains of the old Siva temple, comprising the basements of the pavilions together with a colonnade of forty eight pillars; it was in good condition till 16th century. 


 8 Panoramic view of Rani ki Vav (stepwell / temple), Gujrat Dated: ~11th century CE This magnificent subterranean monument was silted until its excavation in late 80s. This marvellous east facing step well measures approximately 64*20*30m³. 


 9 Stepped pond of Sun temple, Modhera Dated: ~11th century CE This huge pond measures 53.6*36.6m². This pond is geometrically more complex for it utilized fractal pattern. Note ornately carved Shikhara. Imagine the beauty of sight with exquisite temples reflected in Kunda!



 10 Perspective! Surya Kunda, Sun Temple, Modhera (Gujrat) Dated: ~11th century CE Just note the scale of construction! Tropic of cancer pass through this temple complex.



 11 One more from same SuryaKunda, Sun Temple, Modhera(Gujrat) Dated: ~11th century CE Note the scale of construction! This temple is result of perfection in geometry and astronomy. Sun rays illuminate the sanctum on the days of equinoxes.


 12 Kalyani (Temple pond) of ancient Bhoga Nandishwara Temple, Nandi Hills, Karnataka Note amazing symmetry! Cloister lined with elaborate Makara Arch niche runs around this Kalyani. History of stepped ponds can be traced back to Sindhu-Saraswati valley civilization. 


 13 Raniji ki Baodi (Queen's Stepwell), Bundi Dated: 17th century CE The stepwell also served as temple for miniature shrines are carved depicting Dashavatara and Trimurti. The stepwell is almost 46m in length. Torana(s)are exquisitely carved. Bundi is home to more than 387 stepwells.

 14 Swastika well, also known as Marpidugu Perunkinaru, was dug by King Kamban Araiyan. One inscription found in this well is in poetical form and describe the immortal life of man. ~8th century CE. It is located behind the Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple in Thiruvellarai(Tamilnadu). 


 15 A magnificent old stepwell from Dholpur (Rajasthan) Stepwell is probably 3tierred and lined with magnificent corridors. Unfortunately, it is filled with garbage and not maintained. Govt. should wake up and restore all these historical stepwells. 


 16 Kund (stepped pond) at RamNagar fort, Varanasi. People of all class can be seen here. Elaborate corridors surrounds the pond in a similar manner as we see in temple ponds of South Indian Temples. As seen by Thomas Daniell in 1790s


 17 A stepwell in Bundi (Rajasthan) 


 18 An old horseshoe stepwell from Chandrashekar Puram, Prakasam(Andhra Pradesh) Dated: ~17th century This is the only source of drinking water in fluoride affected region.


 19 Amazing Perlassery temple pond, Kannur (Kerala) Temple pond is built using finely cut laterite stone. The temple is dedicated to Subramanya. Legend has it that this is a place Rama and Lakshamana visited on their way to Lanka. 


 20 Spiral steps going down to the water, Chitrakoot (Uttar Pradesh) Dated: unknown probably mediaeval The stepwell is in a delapidated state. You can see the platform likely to be used in certain rituals.


 21 Chand Baori stepwell, Abhaneri ,Rajasthan Dated: ~9th Century CE The four sided 13 storied stepwell is over 100feet deep and lined with over 3500steps with an amazing geometrical precision. This stepwell is one of the largest stepwells, a magnificent device to store water. 






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