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Changu Narayan Temple of Nepal

  Changu Narayan Temple : The Second Oldest in  Nepal: Changu Narayan Temple located In Bhaktapur District, Nepal dates back to the fourth century. It is widely considered to be one of the oldest in Nepal.   This temple is of great historical importance as it is one of the oldest continuously functioning shrines in Kathmandu valley—dating from the 4th century onward—and preserves a pillar inscribed with Sanskrit text from the 5th century reign of King Manadeva a Licchavi-dynasty king. In later centuries, we do see a record from around the year 610 of King Amsuvarman in Harigaon donating to support the Changu Narayan, strongly suggesting an unbroken continuity of use from the 4th to the 7th centuries, Built on top of a high hill about seven miles directly east of Kathmandu, the temple is dedicated to Bhagvan Vishnu, although shrines to Lord Shiva, Ashta Matrika, Chhinnamasta, Kileshwor, and Lord Krishna are also found within the wider temple complex. Pictures of some old sculptues