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Rāma of Ancient Xinjiang, China.

The Story of Rāma in Ancient Xinjiang, China. Ancient Indian Texts Call Xinjiang 'Uttarakuru' Ancient Khotan or modern Hotan is a major oasis town in southwestern Xinjiang, Khotanese kings were Mahāyāna Buddhist but this sect incorporates Vedic and Tantric systems, with all the devas such as Indra, Śiva, Vi ṣṇ u and Sarasvatī, and just places the Buddha at the head of the system . There was also Krishna worship in Khotan and we find the Rāma story in Khotanese language, of which there is also a Tibetan version. The Buddhists put a spin on the Rāma story,  that has had immense power on the imagination of the people all over Asia. The Khotanese Rāmāya ṇ a is not the standard Rāma story. In it Daśaratha, who is called Sahasrabāhu (“thousand-armed”), fights with Paraśurāma and gets killed, and his sons Rāma and Lak ṣ ma ṇ a are saved by a queen. When they grow older they slay Paraśurāma in revenge and become masters of all Jambudvīpa. Meanwhile, the Rāk ṣ asas are ruled by

Indian Buddhist Monk Created Shaolin Kungfu

Ancient cave in Dengfeng , Henan Province in China w here Indian Monk Bodhidharma did meditation for 9 years and founded Shaolin Kung Fu by teaching Monks. Bodhidharma  was a Buddhist monk who arrived in China from India around AD 480. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Chan Buddhism to China. According to Chinese legend, he also began the physical training of the monks of Shaolin Monastery that led to the creation of Shaolin Kungfu. In Japan, he is known as  Daruma. Shaolin Kung Fu:  is one of the oldest, largest, and most famous styles of Kung Fu. It combines Zen Buddhism and martial arts. It originated and was developed in the Shaolin temple in Henan province, China. Chinese monasteries were large landed estates, sources of considerable regular income and monks required protection. A painting of Bodhidharma Shaolin temple has two main legacies:  Chan , which refers to Chan Buddhism, the religion of Shaolin, and  Quan   , which refers to the