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Khalaj Kings Worshiped Lord Shiva.

Khalaj_coin._8th_century_CE._Crowned_bust_right._Shiva_standing_facing,_holding_trident     At Least till 8 th Century Khalaj kings worshiped Lord Shiva. A Khalaj coin of the 8th century CE.   King’s crowned bust appears on the obverse. On the reverse: Shiva standing holding trident.  The Story   ·         The Khalaj    are classified as a Turkic tribe. ·         The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups of Central, East, North and West Asia as well as parts of Europe and North Africa, who speak Turkic languages. ·         In Afghanistan, the Ghilji tribe of Pashtuns are descends from the Khalaj people. ·         Historians consider   Khalaj tribe to be one of the earliest to cross the Amu Darya from Central Asia into present-day Afghanistan. ·         The Khalaj were described as sheep-grazing nomads in Ghazni, Qalati Ghilji, and the surrounding districts, who had a habit of wandering through seasonal pastu