Algebra had actually originated in India.

In the advertisement, IBM had explained 'How India gave the world the logic of indeterminate equations' by naming three prominent historic mathematicians: Aryabhata, Bhaskara and Brahmagupta, who developed the concept of Algebra and gave meaning to something (Zero) which was termed to be meaningless before.

"During the period when the West was assuming that Algebra was introduced by the Arabs, IBM published print ads in international newspapers in which it acknowledged the contributions made by the Indian mathematicians and explained that Algebra had actually originated in India." 

"History owes a debt to three Indian mathematicians of 1500 years ago who developed Algebra to give meaning to the meaningless.  Bhaskara, who originated the radical signs. Brahmagupta, who created the symbols. Aryabhata, who worked out the first equations. A search that continues today in new directions with newer tools, among them, a machine that helps man in more ways than any other inventions in history: the computer. We are proud that IBM introduced the manufacturing of computers and other data processing equipment in India, which are helping the nation meet the challenge of building a new tomorrow," reads the advertisement.
1974 :: IBM Advertisement On How 1500 Years Ago Indian Mathematicians Developed Algebra 

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