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Khazars Worhipped Siva Lingam Before Becoming Jews

The Khazars worhipping Siva Lingam before they became Jews     Khazars, in the late 6th century CE established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia. Their influence in Eastern Europe extended well into the countries we now know as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.  Their empire was known as the Khazar Khanate or Khazaria.. Khazars were descendants of the Turkic tribe, known as the Huns or Hun that invaded and savaged Europe from Asia around AD 450.  Religious Beliefs The Khazars were once worhippers of the Siva Lingam, before they became Jews. (We can notice worship of Siva Lingam wrapped by snake, being worshipped with water etc) Direct sources for the Khazar religion cannot be ascertained, but it is believed that they engaged in a form of religious practices known as Tengrism. But many practices seem similar to the Vedic traditions. •          Horse sacrifices