Influence & Extent of Indian Culture Outside India. 

A few examples.


8th century, Hinduism in Vietnam
Ancient Po Nagar Temple Complex, Vietnam, Dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha. Durga, the slayer of the buffalo-demon, is represented on the pediment above the entrance to the temple.
Po Nagar is a Cham temple tower founded sometime before 781 C.E. and located near modern Nha Trang in Vietnam. It is dedicated to Yan Po Nagar, the goddess of the country,identified with the Hindu goddesses Bhagavati and Mahishasuramardini, and who in Vietnamese is called Thiên Y Thánh Mâu.

Other steles indicate that the temple had contained a mukhalinga decorated with jewelry and resembling an angel's head. Foreign robbers had stolen the jewelry and had broken the linga.




Similar to PASHUPATI seal of Indus Valley - Extraordinary proto-Shiva figure found in Denmark, its currently on display in Edinburgh.



6000 year old Ram-Hanuman carvings in southern Iraq.


Krishna drives Arjuna's chariot at the Battle of Kurukshetra.
This is shown in Angkor Wat Temple.



. 13th Century AD
Narasimha killing demon Hiranyakashyap
Bali- Indonesia


Indonesia-10th Century AD Ashta Mukha-Shivalinga-Bali-Indonesia.



2000 Years Old Zurmala Stupa Near Termez , Uzbekistan .

This Buddhist Stupa Was Built During Kushana Period. It was part of the Kushan Empire (1st to 3rd century BC). During this period, the city became an important center of Buddhism.


Buddhism in Tajikistan
1500 Years Old Sculpture Depicting Parinirvana of Mahatma Buddha. Excavated In Ajina-Tepe In Tajikistan .

It Is Presently Located In National Museum of Dushanbe In Tajikistan.



850 A.D 

Coin Issued In Sanskrit by King Samanta Deva In Begram, Afghanistan.



1969 Picture
Head of Statue of Mahatma Buddha Excavated Near Ghazni , Afghanistan.


Picture of the Minaret of Chakari in southern Kabul.
It was built in the 1st century AD. It is a Buddhist pillar.
It was used as target practice by the Soviets but later destroyed by the Taliban. In 1998 it collapsed, forever being lost.
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