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Ancient Indian Hair-Styles

  Ancient Indian hair-styles as seen through sculptures  & archaeology are presented here.   Ancient Indian Hair-Styles   Bhu Varaha Swami Temple, Chidambaram, tamil Nadu. Initially build by Medival Cholas An Unknown Sculpture.   A 12th  Century Sculpture, MP.     Bodhi Tree : Depicting different hair-do.     Yakshi under a flowering Asoka Tree. Shunga Period, 2nd-1st Century BC.     From Mohenjodaro. Indus Valley Civilization.     A 12th Century Sculpture.     Ajanta Fresco Showing Hair-do & Jewelry.     Yakshi Statue in the Bihar Museum.     Dancing Girl Mohinjodaro A Gandhar Sculpture.     A Kushan Sculpture.     Barhut Stupa - Maurya Period 3rd BCE   Bharhut  Sunga Period Sculpture Showing 'An Individual'. ___ XXX ___ For More:  Ancient-Indian-Life-Style. Subjects Spirituality     Bhagvad Gita    Bhagwad Puran    Buddhism   Krishna   Guru First & Earliest    Influence of Culture    Knowledge     History   Past Glories     Unique India   Chanakya    Video

Kurukshetra & Linga Parvata of Champasak, Laos.

A Story of Forgotten Kurukshetra & Linga Parvata of Champasak Province, Laos - 1500 yrs ago & 1000 miles from India. HIGHLIGHTS     There is a mountain called LINGPARVAT with natural ‘linga’ (almost 10 meter high on top) in Champasak province, Laos.                                        Some 1500 years ago a King named Devanika decided to create a new TIRTH and named it 'New Kurukshetra' in this territory. The king himself states in an inscription that he was inspired by Bramha, Vishnu & Shiva.   Around 400 AD King Devanika built city Shreshthapur and also built A temple called Wat Phu.          Later it became the part of Khmer Empire of Kambuja Desa (modern Combodia) but the area retained same spiritual significance. A new city called Lingapuram was established nearby and a royal road directly linked this tirtha to new capital city of Angkor vat. Over time Khmer emperors endowed it with impressive temples, palaces, tanks & roads.      This new K