World's Earliest Quality Steel


Rust-resistant steel 2000 years ago. 

Gupta era iron clamps at the foundation base ruins of ancient temples at the Dashavatar temple complex at Dewgarh, Uttar Pradesh. These clamps are rust-resistant! The Dashavatar temple at this site happens to be India's first existing sikhara temple. The site originally had nine temples with a Garuda stand in front of the main temple (Dashavatar temple). Out of these 9 temples at this site, only the main stands tall in ruins. These temples were attacked several times by Islamic invaders including Alauddin Khilji. 8 of the temples were razed to the ground by the plunderers. The iron clamps lay in all the base ruins of destroyed temples.

Western historians including few Indians have distorted the chronology of Indian historical events. So as per distorted historians, Gupta era that lasted for nearly 300 years is projected to be from 3rd to 6th century CE. But according to ‘Puranas’, inscriptions, and several Indian literary historical evidences, Gupta era was during the last 300 years of BCE. As per Vedveer Arya’s book ‘Chronology of Ancient India’, the Gupta era commenced from 335 BCE.

So, going by the true historical chronology, the iron clamps date back to over 2000 years. These clamps are under the open sky, bearing all weather conditions including rains. But the clamps never rusted! They are as fresh and original. Wonder how ancient Indians are so gifted! Compare these with today’s iron. Even if they are kept indoors under precautions, they rust!


Similarly, the 23 ft tall Gupta era iron pillar (kirti stambha dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu) standing in the Qutb complex at Mehrauli, Delhi has been rust-resistant for years!




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