Buddhist Mummy in India

The Indian Mummy

The Indian Mummy: "The one and only Buddhist Mummy" in India, sitting in a mysterious manner at Gue village of Spiti valley. This is a naturally preserved mummy, and done with self sacrifice. There are 11 such mummies around the world, all are Buddhists and mostly at Japan, Tibet and India has this one.
Nestled deep within the Trans-Himalayan cold desert of the jazed in Himachal Pradesh is the tiny village of Gue which is relatively unknown and unheard of in the traveller circuit. The village of Gue is situated at an altitude or around l0,499 feet above sea-level and is only a few kilometres away from the Indo-china border. Gue also houses India's only known naturally preserved mummy.
The villagers still believe in the mummy as their living god and worship the mummy for guidance. The mummy is in a squatting position dressed in silk robes. The teeth and hair are still well preserved and the mummy is kept in a glass chamber in a small enclosure close to the Gompa or monastery in Gue.
According to local beliefs, the mummy is believed to be that of a holy man or lama named Sangha Tenzin who decided to sacrifice his life for the well-being of his village. It is believed that the lama took upon himself to save his village from a plague of scorpions. Villagers believe when the lama's soul left his body there was a rainbow in the sky after which the village was free from scorpions. The villagers still believe in the mummy as their living god and worship the mummy for guidance.

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