Bhagvad Gita & Satv-Rajas-Tamas Gun

According to Vedic literature, nature consist of 'Teen Gun' or three qualities. Just as a painter mixes colors to produce innumerable shades, so also the creator has mixed the three qualities to produce this universe with all its varieties and shades. 
Bhagvad Gita describes Human nature and personalities  based on this model. One can judge himself & others based on this framework. 

 Nature is said to exist in three states. Saatvik, Rajsik & Tamsik.

Saatvik quality does not produce sins but it produces Punya. Person feels happy and fulfilled in life. This state is conducive for the development of spiritual knowledge.
It is a state of action motivated by intense desires. Person is bound by intricacies of never ending  positive and negative Karma.
It is a state of inertia or action in ignorance. Person does not get even short term happiness.   
Twelve types of actions, interests, opinions etc. are described based on the three qualities of nature.














There is a state of  being that is not in either of the three. It is almost impossible for common man to achieve.  It is attained by great spiritualists & transcendentalists.  



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