Description of the Kings of Kali-Yuga in Bhagwad Puran

The exact translation of some verses from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam that describe the kings of Kali-Yuga is presented here. It should make an interesting reading for all.


The Twelfth Canto of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam begins with Śrīla Śukadeva Gosvāmī predicting the kings of the earth who will appear in the future during the Age of Kali. Then he gives a description of the numerous faults of the age

The First Chapter of this canto briefly describes the future kings of the dynasty of Magadha and how they become degraded because of the influence of the Age of Kali.  The power in the countries of Magadha and so forth will fall to kings who are no better than śūdras and mlecchas and are totally absorbed in irreligion.

The Verses

SB 12.1.7-8— King Mahānandi will father a very powerful son in the womb of a śūdra woman. He will be known as Nanda and will be the master of millions of soldiers and fabulous wealth. He will wreak havoc among the katriyas, and from that time onward virtually all kings will be irreligious śūdras.

SB 12.1.9— That lord of Mahāpadma, King Nanda, will rule over the entire earth just like a second Paraśurāma, and no one will challenge his authority.

SB 12.1.10— He will have eight sons, headed by Sumālya, who will control the earth as powerful kings for one hundred years.
SB 12.1.11— A certain brāhmaa [Cāakya] will betray the trust of King Nanda and his eight sons and will destroy their dynasty. In their absence the Mauryas will rule the world as the Age of Kali continues.

SB 12.1.12— This brāhmaa will enthrone Candragupta, whose son will be named Vārisāra. The son of Vārisāra will be Aśokavardhana…….

SB 12.1.14— O best of the Kurus, these ten Maurya kings will rule the earth for 137 years of the Kali-yuga. ………….

SB 12.1.34— There will then appear a king of the Māgadhas named Viśvasphūrji, who will be like another Purañjaya. He will turn all the civilized classes into low-class, uncivilized men in the same category as the Pulindas, Yadus and Madrakas.

SB 12.1.35— Foolish King Viśvasphūrji will maintain all the citizens in ungodliness and will use his power to completely disrupt the katriya order. From his capital of Padmavatī he will rule that part of the earth extending from the source of the Gagā to Prayāga.

SB 12.1.36— At that time the brāhmaas of such provinces as Śaurāṣṭra, Avantī, Ābhīra, Śūra, Arbuda and Mālava will forget all their regulative principles, and the members of the royal order in these places will become no better than śūdras.

SB 12.1.37— The land along the Sindhu River, as well as the districts of Candrabhāgā, Kauntī and Kāśmīra, will be ruled by śūdras, fallen brāhmaas and meat-eaters. Having given up the path of Vedic civilization, they will have lost all spiritual strength.

SB 12.1.38— There will be many such uncivilized kings ruling at the same time, O King Parīkit, and they will all be uncharitable, possessed of fierce tempers, and great devotees of irreligion and falsity.

SB 12.1.39-40— These barbarians in the guise of kings will devour the citizenry, murdering innocent women, children, cows and brāhmaas and coveting the wives and property of other men. They will be erratic in their moods, have little strength of character and be very short-lived. Indeed, not purified by any Vedic rituals and lacking in the practice of regulative principles, they will be completely covered by the modes of passion and ignorance.

SB 12.1.41— The citizens governed by these low-class kings will imitate the character, behavior and speech of their rulers. Harassed by their leaders and by each other, they will all have b


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